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Compass Multifamily
Property Management


About Us

Compass Multifamily is a full-service property management company on a mission to establish genuine and competent management services for B & C class apartment communities. We attribute to staffing our company correctly, leveraging innovative technology, and keeping our finger on the operational pulse of each asset.

We add value by renovating unit interiors, repairing deferred maintenance, and supplying honest and competent employees to foster a desirable, profitable community.

Our Services

With Daily Performance reports, our clients always know where things stand with key data including occupancy, collected rents, move-ins/outs, and work orders.

On-site Property Management

Our apartment owners sleep at night knowing their investment is well looked after, thanks to our performance-driven processes and technology.

Due Diligence

Our three-pronged process for inspections collects and analyzes staggering amounts of data, so you can make informed decisions.

Renovation Implementation

Managing costs, schedules and quality is especially challenging when renovating older properties with sizable capital budgets.


Our Technology

Compass Multifamily has developed proprietary and effective cloud-based technology as part of our services. These applications have proven invaluable in forecasting and reducing expenses.

Asset Inspector.png

For due diligence inspections and make readies, Asset Inspector thoroughly scopes renovation and repair budgets.

Customizable to 100s of digital data points

Inspectors efficiently assess unit conditions using mobile devices

Data synchronizes to the cloud utilizing wifi

Comprehensive reports analyze cost by property, unit, and room

Multiple cost legends enable strategic scenario building


LeakAware actively monitors water consumption, noticing water leaks long before the next [costly] billing cycle.

Maintenance staff captures meter readings multiple times per week with a mobile or tablet device

Should a reading exceed normal thresholds, the onsite staff is immediately notified

Automated alerts are escalated to corporate should the issue continue

Management dashboards analyze property-specific characteristics



Autumn Creek.webp

Autumn Creek

Dallas, TX


Buena Vista Townhomes

Dallas, TX

Meadows exterior.jpg

Meadows on Merrill

Duncanville, TX

briar cove ext.jpg

Briar Cove

Greenville, TX

Screenshot 2022-11-15 114855.png

Jasper Gardens

Bethany, OK


Morningside Apartments

Fort Worth, TX

broadway oaks ext.jpg

Broadway Oaks

San Antonio, TX

Lake Breeze ext.jpg

Lake Breeze

Greenville, TX


Northridge Court

Cleburne, TX

Modern Home Library

Coming Soon

Hurst, TX


Wilshire on Mockingbird

Dallas, TX


Worth Street

Dallas, TX



​1825 Market Center Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75207


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